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NKOS is devoted to the discussion of the functional and data model for enabling knowledge organization systems/services (KOS), such as classification systems, thesauri, gazetteers, and ontologies, as networked interactive information services to support the description and retrieval of diverse information resources through the Internet.

Knowledge Organization Systems/Services (KOS) model the underlying semantic structure of a domain. Embodied as Web-based services, they can facilitate resource discovery and retrieval. They act as semantic road maps and make possible a common orientation by indexers and future users (whether human or machine). -- Douglas Tudhope, Traugott Koch, New Applications of Knowledge Organization Systems: introduction to a special issue.

URL: http://nkos.slis.kent.edu
Last updated: 2018 -09-14


1. NKOS Workshop to be held at ICADL 2018, Nov. 21, 2018

Metadata Modeling, Deep Image Annotation, and KOS Vocabulary Development for Digital Collections of Cultural Objects - NKOS Workshop at ICADL 2018, the 20th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries. Nov. 19-22, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

2. Proceedings of the 18th NKOS Workshop at TPDL/DC 2018 available

The joint Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop was held as part of TPDL 2018 and DC-2018, at Porto, Portugal. The abstracts are provided on the Program page.

The proceedings of the NKOS workshop is available at: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2200/

3. [In progress] Special Issue of the International Journal on Digital Libraries on NKOS

Refer to the official Springer’s website at 

4. [Report] Knowledge Organization and Cultural Heritage in the Semantic Web – A Review of a Conference and a Special Journal Issue of JLIS.

DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly 2018. Vol.12: 2.

NKOS Dublin Core Application Profile

NKOS Dublin Core Application Profile (version 0.2) is released 2015-09

The DCMI/NKOS Task Group targets to develop a Dublin Core Application Profile for KOS resources based on the work the NKOS group members have already done during the last decade. The application profile will be further tested by professionals and researchers.


KOS Registries, Terminology Services, and Standard Development

Related Publications

This special issue of the International Journal of Digital Libraries evolved from the 13th Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) workshop held at the joint Digital Libraries conference 2014 in London. The focus of the workshop was ‘Mapping between Linked Data vocabularies of KOS’ and ‘Meaningful Concept Display and Meaningful Visualization of KOS’. The issue presents six papers on the general theme on both conceptual aspects and technical implementation of NKOS. We dedicate this special issue to our long-term colleague and friend Johan De Smedt who died in June 2015 while we were editing the special issue.

NKOS Workshops and Special Meetings

US NKOS Workshops (see also ECDL/TPDL NKOS Workshops at next section)

European NKOS Workshops (see also US NKOS Workshops above )

NKOS Workshops at DCMI International Conferences on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications

ASIS&T Annual Meeting -- NKOS sessions

"If You Build It, Will They Come? – A Discussion of Use Cases and Barriers of Using the Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) Available as Linked Open Data (LOD)" (abstract) -- Panel presentations at ASIS&T 2015

  1. Marcia Lei Zeng (Kent State University): New Functions of LOD KOS Beyond “Value Vocabularies” and Barriers in the Current Practices of Using Them (ppt)
  2. Marjorie Hlava (Access Innovations, Albuquerque): Implementing Linked Open Data in a Controlled Vocabulary (ppt)
  3. Joseph A. Busch (Taxonomy Strategies, Washington, DC): What’s Missing from SKOS, Why is It Missing, and What Should be Done About It? (ppt)
  4. Olga Buchel (Counting Opinions, Canada): Improving Usability of Geospatial LOD KOS with Map-based Visualizations (ppt)
  5. Maja Žumer (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) moderator

"Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) as Linked Data Services" (abstract) -- Panel presentations at ASIS&T 2014

"Maximizing the Usage of Value Vocabularies in the Linked Data Ecosystem" (abstract) -- Panel presentations at ASIS&T 2013

  1. Ed O’Neill & Jeff Mixter, (OCLC Research): (1) The Case for Faceting (2) FAST Linked Data Mechanics (ppt)
  2. Marcia Lei Zeng (Kent State University) & Maja Zumer (University of Ljubljana): Managing and Sharing KOS
    through Registries and RDFa/microdata Using a Metadata Application Profile
  3. Xia Lin (Drexel University): Meaningful Concept Displays for KOS-­-based Searching and Browsing
  4. [Joseph A Busch (Taxonomy Strategies)]::Evaluating Taxonomies (recorded ppt)

"Semantic Metadata as Linked Data Building Blocks" (abstract) -- Panel presentations at ASIS&T 2012
Joseph Busch, [Marjorie Hlava], Marcia Zeng and [Gail Hodge]

  1. Joseph Busch: Semantic Metadata, A Tale of Two Types of Vocabularies (ppt)
  2. Marcia Lei Zeng: The state of KOS in the Linked Data movement - The publishing, management, and interoperating of KOS for the Semantic Web. (ppt)

"Linked Data --Enabling Standards and Other Approaches" -- Panel presentations at ASIS&T- 2010

  1. Gail Hodge: Introduction. (ppt)
  2. Sam Oh: Linked Data and Identifiers. (ISO TC46/SC9 (Identification and Description activities updates; the second edition of Web Ontology Language (OWL2)) (ppt)
  3. Jon Phipps: SKOS: A W3C Recommendation. (ppt)
  4. Ed Summers: RDFa -- Linked Data on the Web We Have. (external link)
  5. Mark Needleman and Jody DeRidder: NISO I2 (Institutional Identifiers) (ppt)
  6. Marcia Zeng, Jon Phipps, and Ed Summers: Introducing W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group (LLD XG) (ppt)

"Knowledge Organization: Evaluating Foundation and Function in the Information Ecosystem" -- Panel presentations at ASIS- 2010

Web Service-based Applications: Optimizing Indexing, Searching, and Terminology Services, ASIST 2008 (Link to program description).

  1. Rebecca Guenther. A Registry for controlled vocabularies at the Library of Congress (ppt)
  2. Diane Vizine-Goetz. OCLC Terminology Services beta: Architecture & Standards (link)
  3. Dongming Zhang. Developing a Webservice-based MeSH indexing Tool for Health Science Repository System (ppt)

Other NKOS Workshops and Sessions

International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) conferences

International UDC Seminars

Archived early efforts (which led to the NKOS Dublin Core Application Profile)

NKOS Registry

Taxonomy of Knowledge Organization Systems

Vocabulary Mark-up Language (Voc-ML)

Vocabulary ML: Metacode strawman DTD draft (developed in 2000, superseded by other activities such as SKOS and some of the ISO standards work on terminologies)

NKOS Listserv

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