"Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data (FRSAD)"

updated 2011-09-02

By the IFLA Working Group on Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Records (FRSAR)

Working Group Info: http://www.ifla.org/node/1297

Published: Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data, A Conceptual Model (FRSAD). (2011).  IFLA Working Group on Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Records (FRSAR). Eds. Zeng, M., Zumer, M. and Salaba, A. Berlin/München: De Gruyter Saur. (Worldcat record)

Errata (pdf document)

Draft report 2009-06: http://nkos.slis.kent.edu/FRSAR/report090623.pdf (pdf, 2,800 kb)

Final report 2010 (complete version): http://nkos.slis.kent.edu/FRSAR/FRSAD-Report.pdf (pdf, 3.36 mb)

Final report 2010 (selected sections):


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