Digital gazetteer service in context of Chinese culture

Presentation at the NKOS Workshop, JCDL 2002, on Digital gazetteers: integration into distributed digital library services, July 18, 2002

Ya-ning Chen (, Shu-jiun Chen (, Han-wei Yen (, Hsiung-ming Liaw, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

The use of geographic information systems has proven to be a supportive approach to leading various research domains into a brand new world. With the advancement of GIS applications, several digital archive projects of Academia Sinica have recognised the importance of gazetteers. Starting in 2001, a formal collaboration between the Geographic Information Solution (GIS) Team and the Metadata Architecture and Application Team (MAAT) has been developing a digital gazetteer mechanism for the preparation of the National Digital Archives Program (NDAP) under the auspices of National Science Council. The digital gazetteer is proposed to be a geo-service for these digital archive projects, as one of fundamental bases, such as thing, person, place name, time-span and event object, that the MAAT includes as generic metadata attributes for the NDAP. Based on system implementation and existing practices, we find that several focused requirements for Chinese culture are not included into current content standards for gazetteers. In this presentation, several focal points will be discussed as follows:

  • Introduction of feature and approach of gazetteer for Chinese culture.
  • Current gazetteer system and service at Academia Sinica.
  • Feasibility of ADL content standard and feature type of gazetteer for Chinese culture.
  • Application profile and best practice for ADL.
  • Other issues related to digital gazetteer service including content standard, feature type, and interoperability.
  • Future works.