Terminology in ISO/IEC 11179 Metadata Registries -> Thesauri, Data Elements and Ontologies

Presentation at the NKOS Workshop, ACM DL'99, Berkeley, August 14, 1999

Bruce Bargmeyer
Chair, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 32 - Data Management and Interchange
Vice Chair, NCITS L8 - Data Representation
Computer Scientist at Environmental Protection Agency
Guest Researcher at National Institute of Standards and Technology

Managing the semantic content of text and data is becoming a strategic issue for organizations that are riding the waves of emerging web technologies. New technologies for accessing and exchanging text and data increase the visibility of information and generate increased expectations for finding, understanding and sharing information content. This presentation describes research, development and demonstration efforts to capture environmental concepts and to manage related terms. The concepts and terms can then be organized into various structures--thesauri, topic trees, data elements, ontologies--and deployed with emerging technologies. The presentation also describes efforts to develop international standards for essential aspects of semantics management.

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